dave franco’s butt sounds like all I need to justify the price of the ticket

it’s a quick moment, but it’s there! and it’s good. plus he wears these cute black rimmed glasses and uh, yeah—he makes it worth it ;)

went to see neighbors. zefron and dave franco were looking good, but… idk. i thought it was going to be better. it was funny, but the best parts were from the commercials. oh well. at least it was free.

God watched over them. Smiling at his good works.


30 Days of Supernatural Women:

[4/30] Favorite non-human character
↳ Anna Milton
"I was stationed on earth 2,000 years. Just… watching… silent… invisible… out on the road… sick for home… waiting on orders from an unknowable father I can’t begin to understand."

1.22 - Devil’s Trap

Dean Winchester +Profile


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