i’ve been in love with love
and the idea of 

something binding us together
you know that love is strong enough

dean & sam  + looking at each other 
↳ skin

“I’m free, I think. I shut my eyes and think hard and deep about how free I am, but I can’t really understand what it means. All I know is I’m totally alone. All alone in an unfamiliar place, like some solitary explorer who’s lost his compass and his map. Is this what it means to be free?” — Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Sam Winchester | 9x19


That cute little wink though (◠ω◠✿)

make me choose → asked by brightsammy
↳ ruby 1.0 or ruby 2.0


Sam Winchester meme;

✿ favorite quotes about sam {2/4}:

Death in 9x01; “I consider it to be quite the honor to be collecting the likes of Sam Winchester.”


Watching SPN every week & loving it 'til the bitter end

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