Anonymous asked: can you do a tutorial for the text on the gif? :) /post/78484775450/the-dean-winchester-meme-favorite-quotes-3-4

It’s pretty straight forward, tbh. 

I opened the graphic as a new composition in AfterEffects and set the text, then: Effects & Presets > Text > 3D Text > 3D Fall Back Scramble & Blur. After that I rendered it as a PS file and opened it in there, and played around with the timing until it was right, then saved as a gif.


spn meme: one hunter [1/1]

Sam Winchester

This is not a bomb we’re talking about, this is my brother.

saw edge of tomorrow last night and it was surprisingly good. really funny in places and a nice twist on the groundhog day loop. i didn’t think i’d like it as much as i did. also, emily blunt is awesome in it (and even though I strongly dislike tom cruise i didn’t really mind him being there)

spoiler-y stuff under the cut

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Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge - June 2014 - Round Four

After a little hiatus, I am ready for a new challenge. Hopefully you guys are ready too? Lets have some fun during this hellatus! <3

Rules // 

To Enter:

  • Reblog this post if you would like to participate in this challenge.Please only do so if you are certain you’ll be able to provide an edit within the time frame provided.
  • DO NOT REBLOG if you are not participating. I had this issue last round and I don’t want it to happen again. Reblogs are for entering only. 
  • Please make sure you have a link on your blog for your edits. I do look at them to gauge your skill level, to better match you with a partner. 
  • Reblogs will be counted until June 13th and/or till the first 100 reblogs are satisfied (50 partners).
  • In your reblog of this entry post, please put ‘sexy sammy’ in your tags, to let me know that you have read this entire post and are actually entering this challenge. 
  • Follow the S.W. Challenge Blog and track swgraphicchallenge for updates.


  • Prompts will be messaged by June 16th.
  • Graphics should be 500px wide and comprised of one or two images max. 
  • Posting date is: on or before June 30th. 
  • When posting your graphic, please do so as follows:
  • Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge:
    your url vs partner url
  • And also be sure to tag your graphic with swgraphicchallenge and partner’s url.
  • If you reblog and for some reason cannot meet the deadline, it is your responsibility to message me by June 27th (at the latest), so I can find a replacement and/or plan to do the prompt myself. 
  • As we get closer to the actual posting date, I will send you a reminder that your graphic is due (if it’s not been posted). If you fail to communicate with me and post after the 30th, your graphic will not be reblogged and/or included for this challenge.

More Info:

  • All graphics will be reblogged by this blog and tagged accordingly.
  • Please remember that this is for fun and strictly just to share our creativity and love for Sam Winchester. 
  • There is no win or lose

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facts, because i’m fucking interesting

name: whitney
favorite saved url: facerhater and about five other ghostfacers related ones because i love them so much
the next movie you’re planning to watch: umm i keep starting the convenant, and then stopping because it’s dumb. even if seb is rly cute in it. i’ll make it through eventually. it’s def next on my list though,
the last movie you watched: the fault in our stars
the book you’re currently reading: practical demonkeeping by christopher moore
favorite male fictional character: sam winchester!
favorite female fictional character: i’m only so far into the series, but i’m really feeling daenerys targaryen. to be honest, i have my eye on so many awesome female characters that my ‘favorite’ is in constant rotation.
the number of songs on your iPod: 1,500 or something idk
that one song that’s been stuck in your head all week: sleeping with a friend by neon trees
the fictional character you identify with most: sam winchester. my world is sam, lbr.
favorite word: when i was little i used to say ultraviolet was my favorite word and i have no idea why. i don’t know what my favorite word is, so let’s go with that. rock on, younger self.

They just don’t get it, do they Sammy?

Completely self indulgent reverse!verse thing for myself. I drew this as more of a general angel!Sam, demon!Dean thing, but I guess if you wanted to see it as Gadreel!Sam and MOC!Dean that works too. 

You good?

Yeah, I’m good.


Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes 

[Sammy - Season 9]

Its been a very tough year for Sam and Dean. But as long as Dean keeps calling Sam, “Sammy” you feel like things will be okay. 


Watching SPN every week & loving it 'til the bitter end

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